Pizza Sales Analysis

Pizza Sales Analysis has a comprehensive year's worth of sales data from a fictitious pizza place. The dataset includes detailed information about each order, such as the date and time of purchase, the types of pizzas served, their sizes, quantities, prices.

Tushar Aggarwal

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Project Overview
Project Overview
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Business Impact
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Welcome to the Consumable Sales Dashboard, a powerful and intuitive data visualization tool built using Power BI. This dashboard offers a comprehensive view of sales data for consumable products, allowing you to quickly and easily analyze performance and identify trends.

By using these dashboards, companies can:

Gain insights into sales performance: The comprehensive view of sales data, including sales by category, size, and time period, allows companies to quickly identify trends, opportunities, and areas for improvement.

Track inventory levels: With the ability to track inventory levels, companies can make data-driven decisions about when to order new stock, helping to avoid stockouts and overstocking.

Set and track sales goals: By setting sales goals for their team, companies can track progress towards achieving them with the help of these dashboards.

Explore data and gain insights: The ability to drill down into the data and gain insights into consumer behavior and product performance is a valuable tool for any company looking to stay competitive in today's market.

This Consumable Sales Dashboard are essential tools for any consumer products company that wants to gain valuable insights into their sales data by identifying top Sales, Total Revenue, Monthly, Daily Trends, Category comparison and Top and Lowest selling Pizzas.

Monitor performance of sales and retrain template with more data as more data becomes available.