Voy Finance Innovation Challenge - Omdena (Nov, 2023-Jan, 2024)

Innovation project to develop NLP, Blockchain, remote sensing models and systems for Greenwashing, ESG Scoring and Fraud/Anomaly detection.


Tushar Aggarwal

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Project Overview
Business Impact

Empowering Sustainable Trade: AI-Driven ESG Monitoring and Fraud Prevention in Trade Finance

We aim to improve how we assess company sustainability, expose misleading “green” claims, and make trade safer. Our project promises better decision-making, increased corporate honesty, and safer trade processes. Join us in shaping a future where businesses are transparent and responsible.

The Ultimate goal is to craft an AI-driven solution that brings transformative changes in three main areas:

1. ESG Monitoring: ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance factors, often used to measure sustainability. Our goal from this project is to evaluate both big and small companies on these criteria, giving a broader view of their sustainable practices. The current focus on large public companies overlooks smaller entities, limiting a holistic understanding of sustainability impacts.

2. Greenwashing Detection: Some companies claim to be green without truly being sustainable, a practice called greenwashing. Our goal is to create a solution that will detect and highlight these misleading claims, promoting genuine transparency.